Polkadots, pipes and paraplus.

I started this dress at the beginning of May but didn’t finish it in time to go to Canada. So, I took it with me. I more or less finished the bodice and attached the bias tape to the right side of the fabric. In the plane, I hand stitched the bias tape in place. I didn’t want to do it with the machine because I had purple thread and the bias tape is green. My bias tape topstitching skills leave something to be desired, so I figured it was better to just sew it by hand. So I had my little sewing kit on the plane – sans scissors of course – and whipped it right up within one episode of Hemlock Grove.

Some of you might recognize the dress pattern as the sensational Belladone from Deer and Doe. My previous attempt looked a bit too much like a babydoll dress. And since I love this dress so much, I figured it warranted a repeat.

This time, I added 3.5cm to the bodice and moved the bust darts down 1cm. It could have been more like 2, but I guess I’ll save that for the next version. I shall also try a scoop-neck version next time instead of the boat neck, which looks a little bit floopy on me.  I also added green piping to the waistband! I love it!

My best friend took these pictures of me at Elliston Park. And no, it was not deserted. Unfortunately. She got me to do some pretty crazy poses, and I think we got some sideways glances from parents, but it was fun anyway.

She has the greatest props, don’t you think? A pipe, an umbrella, and even a Diana camera! She just got it and I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out! It takes lomo pictures. You know we’re so Gen-Y that we didn’t even remember how to put film in a camera?! Oh, those flowers in my hair are hers as well. 😀

The back turned out a little bit loose again, so I can’t blame the stretch in the fabric like I did with the first one. But I don’t care- I love it!

I’m only laughing because my friend is singing a song. I’m actually getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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  1. Gjeometry
    Gjeometry says:

    Second Belladone from Deer and Doe I’ve seen sewn up today!! I just love it, it’s next on my list of stuff to order. Your version is just gorgeous, nice job. 🙂

    • Joanne
      Joanne says:

      Thanks Renay! I saw version a while ago, before I started on my first belladone. I like to search what other people have done before I order a new pattern, both for inspiration and to see how it looks on ‘regular’ people.

  2. thecuriouskiwi
    thecuriouskiwi says:

    I looove the fabrics you used, green and purple are so fresh but cute, perfect for this pattern. I am in awe that you hand stitched the bias tape, I do not have the patience 😉 but I am a huge fan of piping so yay.

    • Joanne
      Joanne says:

      I am definitely not a fan of hand stitching, but since I was on a plane and couldn’t do much of anything it was a great hand sewing opportunity.


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